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FOR PC:   FOR MOBILE DEVICES:    And that’s all for this year, boiiis! Pheew! I was afraid to lose most of my readers during the hiatus. But you’ve shown me the opposite and that gives me lots of confidence. Maybe, I still can’t make a living from this project, but you’re basically helping me…

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FOR PC:   FOR MOBILE DEVICES:   Oh, Ryan… que estás muy joven para estos viajes… El personaje por el que me van a censurar el día que presente esto a una editorial XD Oh, Ryan… you’re to young for this kind of trips… The character that will bring me problems with the censorships XD…

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FOR PC:   FOR MOBILE DEVICES:   When you thought Ryan was already in a big trouble… SUPPORT THIS COMIC:  

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FOR PC:   FOR MOBILE DEVICES:   (ya no subiré más el link a subcultura porque lamentablemente desaparecerá el 31 de enero) Veremos si Ryan acaba pagandola por haberse metido con James Bond… We’ll see if Ryan pays for his jokes to Mr James Bond… SUPPORT THIS COMIC