So, 2020 happened.

Aaaaaand 2021 is not looking any promising neither…

Hoo boy, the truth is I couldn’t keep it. I needed to focus on one website at the time. I was way too exhausted physically and mentally. So, in July 2020, after a bit of a nightmare-ish process, I finished posting Zoul’s Law in Webtoon.
I’ll try to finish posting the comic on Tumblr and Tapas, too. Although my situation is still very overwhelming.
In the meantime, welp, despite everything and the fact he has ruined my mind, Ryan apparently is still alive. Perhaps more than ever C:
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue «Ryan & Friends». I really need to focus on sorting out my financial issues. But, certainly there’re ideas. And Winuefication, his voice actrees, has fuel the flame.

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