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And that’s all for this year, boiiis!

Pheew! I was afraid to lose most of my readers during the hiatus. But you’ve shown me the opposite and that gives me lots of confidence.

Maybe, I still can’t make a living from this project, but you’re basically helping me to rebuild my career and make people from the comic industry beleive in my work. You’re giving me more reasons to keep fighting for this project!

I have lots of ideas and stuff that I want to do next year. Let’s see if I can take the next step!

Now, in another note, as I explained in the last update, I won’t be able to post more pages next Monday. I think you know how this season works; lots of compromises with family, friends, etc, etc… X_D (Also, I want to prepare a couple of things that….)

So, next update will be on MONDAY 8TH OF JANUARY

All that said, I wish you all the best and have a happy new year 2018!